Vector Images and the SVGL stack

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Tue Nov 10 13:39:05 EST 2015

> B.S. wrote
> That just about broke my brain in Algebra. I contended that an infinitely small point was nothing at all, therefore an infinite number of points was also nothing at all. So why were we talking about it as though it were something tangible?? :)

Richard certainly believes in the continuum hypothesis and means by "number" (as every linux specialist) the cardinality of the continuum. How to draw all these points? The answer is 42.

But joke aside, Mark W. begun to built into the engine computations and comparisons with 'infinity' (cardinality of natural numbers, see "This week in LC #8").

I'm curious about the future dictonary entries to infty -- not that easy to explain, that 2*infty = infty or infty - 1 = infty.

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