Tab control-multiple cards or hidden groups?

James Hale james at
Mon Nov 9 08:37:35 EST 2015

Thanks you all for your thoughtful replies.

@Paul Yes this is the direction my thinking has been heading. I think when I first toyed with this I didn't really find the application browser accessible (in a meaningful way to me) and thought multiple groups just too messy. But with the Project Browser and use of other plugins (lcStackBrowser and flcControlManager, both excellent alternatives) the overwhelming aspect of multiple groupings on a single card are no longer there.

@Peter Thanks for the example of the picker to use should I go this way.

@Bill Thankfully I do not have shifting fields between my tabs. Where a field is shared (well duplicated at this time) it is located basically in the same place. The coding side might take me a bit to get my head around in bringing all the individual cards scripts into one. open card handlers will need to be rewritten as well as ensuring no clashes in variables that were local within the confines of one script now having to share that same domain. I guess the upside is that there will be room to economize.

@Mike That is how I originally thought. It just seemed simpler to have multiple cards. It is only now after reading the initial thread and realising the maintenance of all these seperate cards scripts might not be the optimal approach.

@Scott Thankfully my app does not have hundreds of controls. And although they do probably number in the dozens the ability to show/hide them by a click in the appropriate browser makes that management well, manageable.

I am more convinced this is worth pursuing/exploring.


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