How to determine someone has finished scrolling a field

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Sun Nov 8 20:07:44 EST 2015

Hi BR,

Comparing the vScroll and textHeight can be tricky. This handler avoids 
using the textHeight and vScroll:

getprop extScrollFinished
    put the long id of the target into myTarget
    if the number of items of the margins of the target is 4 then
       put the last item of the margins of the target into myMargin
       put (the margins of myTarget) / 2 into myMargin
    end if
    put the formattedRect of char 1 to -1 of myTarget into myRect
    return not ((the last item of myRect) + myMargin > the bottom of 
end extScrollFinished

The handler checks that the position of the last character is within the 
visible area of the field. If this is true, then the user must have 
scrolled far enough to have read the entire text. I don't know if this 
also means that the user can't scroll any further, but this should be 
sufficient for your purpose.

Kind regards,

Mark Schonewille

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Op 11/8/2015 om 22:52 schreef Brahmanathaswami:
> OLD question.
> What is the algorithm for determining if someone has scrolled all the
> way to the end of the text of a field with overflow text?
> Another way to say this is: what is the relationship to the vScroll and
> formattedHeight?
> I'm testing with this
> where the factor "195" is somehow related to the field height
> (which is 178 px high plus the some value related to the lineheight or
> font size)
> But this seems to work...
> function checkScrollDone
>     put the formattedHeight of fld "quote" into tTextHeight
>     put the vScroll of fld "quote" into tVscroll
>      put tTextHeight - tVscroll into tBalanceToScroll
>   put tBalanceToScroll
>     if tBalanceToScroll < 195 then
>          return   "true"
>     else
>        return  "false"
>      end if
> end checkScrollDone
> BR
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