OT: Announce -- Himalayan Academy's First LiveCode Mobile App is Up

Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Sun Nov 8 14:47:31 EST 2015

@ alejandro:

The app I was talking about is "Gurudeva.app" which is available right 
now only on play.google.com... that's the one that was developed 100% in 

That app you downloaded was Hinduism Today. It was developed under 
contract by Quad Graphic our printer... the actual app developer is Yudu 
in UK.. they use Adobe Air for this app. It ability to take PDF and 
display PDF with high res views as you zoom in is awesome -- and would 
be a huge plus for Livecode if it could also do that -- in fact the 
whole development process with Quad/Yudu was quite "painful" .

Their framework was highly inflexible, any custom changes required 
another big $ amt and they could not even do simple things like change 
the look of a button on the home page. Things we could do in LiveCode in 
30 minutes of fixes or add-enhancement time, they would come back to me 
with either "That's a custom change that you have to pay for" OR  "No we 
can't do that, because the framework is not set up to do that...."

Over and over again, my bug reports & change requests to the UI would be 
only 85% implemented and the developer on the other end did something 
really stupid... it became a running joke here that Yudu must have hired 
a 15-year kid to develop the app. I spent more time in communications, 
updating the spec on a google doc and drafting bug reports during the 
alpha process that I would have ever expected...I'm thinking "OK this is 
what you get if you hire out app development... you are *still* 
completely engaged timewise....and you are also paying them to take up 
all your time! ouch"

So when we decided to do an app for this year's celebration of our 
founder's passing... I said "Let me build it in LiveCode. We need to be 
on control of the "front end" dev... and it won't take us any more time 
than if we hire it it out and my prices are really good (zero cost) I  
can find LC Developers who way, way more competent than the people we 
ahve been dealing with."

I think everyone was both delighted and surprised that we actually did 
it so smoothly and well. And Jacque took it the extra mile with 
optimizing my "baby xTalk" way of doing coding and doubling down on the 
Android issues...

I'm in the process of completing the Apple App Store submission 
process... I just have a few more screen shots I did not realize they 
required... then I can submit for review... Thanks the online video of 
how to do this by the LC team, it went better than I thought it would.

Swasti Astu, Be Well!

Kauai's Hindu Monastery

Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Hi Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami,
> I installed this App in my tablet andyesterday
> was reading the most recent Magazine.
> Still pending to download another.
> Latertoday,  I will check all the features
> that you wrote about.
> Many Thanks for sharing this in the mail list.
> Keep Up this great work!
> Al

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