Export snapshot question...

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Sat Nov 7 13:15:18 EST 2015

I am using the "export snapshot from rect tRect to ... " for of the
export snapshot command to export the interior of a stack window where
and External has drawn in the window. tRect is set to the global
(screen) coordinates of the interior area of the window based on its
current position.

This works fine. I get a resulting image that is exactly what I am
seeing on screen.

Now I have experimented with move the stack off-screen so that I can
capture the image without the user seeing the window. I have discovered
that if a portion of the window is visible, but say, extends off the
bottom of the screen, and my coordinates in tRect encompass the area
both on and off screen, the image is created just fine.

However, if the whole window is off screen, for example by setting the
topLeft of the window to -5000,-5000 or to 5000,5000, then the export
snapshot command throw and execution error that there is nothing to

Has anyone else run into this issue with export snapshot using screen
coordinates? Is there some reason why export snapshot should not be able
to take a snapshop of something rendered "off-screen"? Is this a known
export snapshop issue? I could not find an applicable bug entry for this

I am using LC6.7.6 under Windows 8.1

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