garbage collection run amok again in 7.1.1Rc2?

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Thu Nov 5 16:25:37 EST 2015

On Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 1:01 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at>

> I think he probably meant "script" rather than "handler." But even my most
> complex project wasn't that long. (If it really is a single handler then it
> isn't written correctly.) When I see numbers like that, my first thought is
> "optimization."

Err, yes; script.


The main stack with support routines has a script of almost 15k lines, the
output processing script button has over 5k.

I do hit about 800 lines in one routine and 600 in another, counting
commented out obsolete code and white space; probably only a couple of
lines each.

These hangs didn't exist to this extent from 5.5 through 7.0, at least,
although there were a couple of 7.0 series that had shorter lags, and  I've
seen multi-second lags on changing panes almost since 7.0 rolled around.

>It would be an interesting challenge if Richard could supply a sample of a
long handler and see if we could reduce it.

This is stuff that I very much can't release :)

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