HTML5 product

Glen Bojsza gbojsza at
Thu Nov 5 10:30:21 EST 2015

I was wondering if anyone knows the current state of the HTML5 product that
is being sold.

My concern is that if I buy a 1 year license and it needs so many releases
before it is developed well enough to deploy than am I buying too early?

When the product site has "Are there limitations to HTML5 deployment?" then
this seems to be a red flag to there a list of the limitations? Is
datagrid supported?

Is HTML5 part of the community code base or is it only commercial? I
remember that you could only try HTML5 with the community version of LC so
can I assume that it is part of the community version still?

Can anyone share their current recent experiences with HTML5 so I can make
a better decision.



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