play vc xyz, still stuck in the 80s?

Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu Nov 5 08:46:25 EST 2015

Hi all,

after years of neglecting the „play“ command on the desktop
due to too few supported file formats, I read an encouraging posting
from Richard G. here on the list, where he told us that much had been 
done in this respect in Livecode, I decided to give it another try:

on mouseUp
  play videoclip "/Users/klaus/Movies/IMG_0008.mp4"
  put the result
end mouseUp 

Pretty straightforward, but no video, empty result!?
Event imported that file, no video.
Played with „the dontuseqt“, no vieo.
Added "…at the loc of this cd“ no video.

Tried with 7.1.1 RC2 and LC 8 DP7.

Any hints? 
Am I missing something, or is my subject line still true, more or less? 8-)

Thanks in advance!


Klaus Major
klaus at

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