Livecode all around the world

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Wed Nov 4 21:13:06 EST 2015

on Fri Oct 30,
Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Maybe LiveCode can grow the most
> by moving beyond "English-like" to
> embrace "Mandarin-like". :)

That would be really extraordinary and
could be precisely the kind of push that LiveCode
needs to get salience among educators.

I believe that Livecode could contact
different Universities all around the world
and ask them if they really believe that a
programming language in their own tongue
could help students and future software
developers to start learning programming.
Surely, many of these Universities will answer
"Yes, we could."

Then I want to read your ideas about this
hypothetical scenario:

How could LiveCode manage this project of
creating the first multilingual computer language?

How could LiveCode incorporate this new project
with his company goals?

Does already exists many open source projects
that manage a multilingual audience?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts
and ideas about this.


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