mySQL and accented chars revisited

Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Nov 4 19:51:36 EST 2015

Hi John,
Sounds like you're using LC7 since I see textDecode in there.

I don;t know enough about the URL side of things but I think the issue on
the database side is what you are doing when you INSERT or UPDATE the
data.  It needs to be textEncoded at that point.  After that, you need to
textDecode it every time you SELECT it.

If you haven't textEncoded the data, you'll need to write a script that
takes care of that.  I haven't tried this but I think if you SELECT every
record in your database without textDecoding it, then textEncode it and
UPDATE it back into the database, that will fix it.  Please try this on a
copy of your database, not the live version!

Once you've done that and added the textEncode/textDecode logic to your
database handlers, I think you'll get your è back!

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On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 4:33 PM, John Dixon <dixonja at> wrote:

> In a mySQL database I have a name... Bordeaux-Bègles
> I call it from the database into a liveCode stack and it comes out as ...
> Bordeaux-BÈgles
> from within a card script :-
>    put "" &
> theLeague into theURL
>    put URL theURL into temp
>    put temp into theFixtures
> within the corresponding .lc script :-
> if tAction = "fixtures" then
>    put $_GET["thediv"] into thedivision
>    get revDataFromQuery( tab, return, theDataRef, "SELECT * FROM fixtures
> where league='" & thedivision & "' ;")
>    put it into temp
>    put temp
>    revCloseDataBase theDataRef
>    quit
> end if
> if I change
>  put temp into theFixtures
> to
> put textdecode(temp,"UTF-8") into thefixtures
> the I get Bordeaux-Bgles... the e, never mind the accent does not
> appear... I seem to bang my head against a wall over this time and time
> again...
> Help... please... I want my è back :-)
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