[ANN] DropboxAPI_2_tester

Michael Doub mikedoub at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 08:50:26 EST 2015

Thanks Gerard.

I have been trying to work thru the steps within you getting started 
page.   I am stuck on step 3 where you say "Click Submit Call". Can you 
clarify that a bit?   I don't see anything that looks like a submit call 


On 11/4/15 6:26 AM, gmcrev wrote:
> I have uploaded DropboxAPI_2_tester.livecode to RevOnline:
> http://livecodeshare.runrev.com/stack/794/DropboxAPI_2_tester
> This demonstrates all the calls in v2 of the Dropbox API.
> It uses the FASTJSON v0.4.1 library of  Bob Hall. Thanks Bob for this work.
> https://github.com/bhall2001/fastjson
> Guglielmo Braguglia published a dropbox library for API v1
> http://www.phoenixsea.ch/downloads/Livecode/phxDropboxLib.zip
> A free library for v2 of the Dropbox API is needed for the community to use.
> Hopefully this stack will be an easy starting point for that.

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