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Mark Waddingham mark at
Tue Nov 3 13:34:13 EST 2015

On 2015-11-03 18:55, Mark Wieder wrote:
> I had high hopes for this, but it launched once, I had to kill it, and
> now it just hangs with "loading Menubar". No third-party anything, no
> old preferences file to get in the way, removed the license file.
> LC8-dp7 still works correctly. Looking forward to dp9.

Well, unfortunately, without more information (or 'luck') it is unlikely 
the situation will improve in dp-9.

Given your existing bug report 
( I do wonder if this is 
something clipboard related.

There are two things which could help us diagnose the problem:

1) A new strace log taken whilst launching and running the engine (as 
described in the aforementioned report).

2) The IDE 'Tools' log (this should be in ~/.runrev/logs IIRC).

Other information which might help is the list of packages you have 
installed in your Linux system - in particular, do you have a clipboard 
manager, or any other similar 'helper' things installed?

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