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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Nov 2 14:32:58 EST 2015

Roger Eller wrote:
 > The sad thing (to me) is that even in Windows, I was forced to use the
 > little corner resize thingie, even though EVERY OTHER application
 > had edge resizing.  It wasn't until Apple adopted the feature that
 > it was added to LC.

IIRC I've been resizing LiveCode windows from edges for many years, 
possibly back to MetaCard 2.4.2, but certainly long before LC v6.7.

Maybe there was a property not set properly in your stacks?

 > Runtime Revolution has always been way too Apple leaning IMHO
 > to be touting themselves to be cross-platform.

Resizing aside, what other issues have you found with LiveCode specific 
to Windows?

I've mentioned the menu mnemonics remaining visible even before the Alt 
key is pressed, but no one else seems to have noticed that.

I don't spend enough time on Windows to have the same sensitivity with I 
do for Mac and Ubuntu, so it would be helpful to see if perhaps there 
are outstanding issues we might reconsider prioritizing for the dominant 
desktop OS.

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