Scripting Calendars tutorial stack

JB sundown at
Sun Mar 29 21:44:00 EDT 2015

I can not figure RevOnline out.

When I select a stack sometimes it
will download and sometimes it will
open on my desktop allowing me to
Save it.

But this stack like a bunch of others
does not show up on my desktop.  It
says at the bottom it is downloading
but I can not find it if id did download.

John Balgenorth

On Mar 29, 2015, at 5:45 PM, Bill Vlahos <bvlahos at> wrote:

> LiveCoders,
> I just uploaded a tutorial stack to RevOnline/Sample Stacks that shows how to script popular calendar applications Apple’s Calendar and Microsoft’s Outlook on the Macintosh using AppleScript. I couldn’t find a simple way to do this so I created one. As you can see if you look at the stack the amount of code is really very little
> 	Create new event
> 	Modify the event
> 	Delete the event
> The information, AppleScripts, and LiveCode code and stack are free to use.
> I invite others to contribute with other calendar applications and platforms.
> Thanks to Zryip theSlug for contributing the initial Outlook for Macintosh code.
> Bill Vlahos
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