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Yep, you are correct. Just put them in the copy files pane and open the normal way. On mobile only one stack at a time is visible. The main stack is always open(but not necessarily visible) and has the engine that runs the whole app. Remember if you don't password protect the additional stacks, they can be copied out of the .app or .apk and opened and the source code will be exposed. 

This applies to both iOS and Android. 

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I’m trying out iOS and figuring out limitations, etc. 
What I’m wondering is whether iOS apps can load stacks that are not substacks of the main stack. I have tested it with a mainstack, with one substack, but I don’t see any way in the standalone settings to bring in additional stacks. Do I just put them into the copy files list and go to them in the normal way? Is that the best way to do it?

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