Quicktime 10, QTVR and LiveCode

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Fri Mar 27 10:47:18 EDT 2015

Hi Steven:

The reason VR playback is working for you on Windows is most likely because QuickTime 7 is installed on your Windows machine.  If QuickTime 7 wasn't available, VR playback wouldn't work.

As of LiveCode 6.7 I believe, LiveCode's player object started using Apple's AVFoundation which isn't QuickTime but can play MOV files (not VR movies).  Older versions of LiveCode rely on QuickTime being installed, so if VR playback is working in your 5.5 stack, this is probably because QuickTime 7 is present on the machine, not because of special technology within LiveCode.

So it's pretty unlikely that the LiveCode folks will be able to do anything to solve your playback issues.  What you need is a completely different player capable of supporting native VR movies, if there is such a thing.  Or if possible, consider converting your media into a different format (mentioned in the previous email) to play in the browser object.


Scott Rossi
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> On Mar 27, 2015, at 4:55 AM, "stgoldberg at aol.com" <stgoldberg at aol.com> wrote:
> Scott Rossi wrote (3/26/15):
>> Stephen, have you verified that VR playback works with QuickTime Player 10 on Windows?  My guess is that the Windows system
>> you're looking at has QuickTime Player 7 installed (which is also capable of
>> playing VR movies on OS X, but is out of date).  It seems unlikely that Player
>> 10 would work on Windows and not OS X, but maybe Apple did something different
>> there.
>> Scott Rossi
>> Creative Director
>> Tactile Media UX/UI
>> Design
> Scott, you are right that Quicktime Player 10.1 on a Mac (system 10.7.5) will not open a QTVR
> However, if a LC stack or standalone is created on the same computer using LC 5.5.3, the QTVR will play.
> I don't have Quicktime Player 10 on my Windows Vista computer; I can't seem to find a download for it
> from Apple, which is still directing the user to Quicktime 7. Quicktime 7 on Windows will play QTVR, but if I use LC 7
> to create the standalone on Windows, the standalone, while playing on Windows, will not show the QTVR on my Mac with any
> of the LC 6-7 series.
> The demise of QTVR is sad, because  QTVR is not only useful for displaying panoramas, but
> also has the potential for hot spots for navigation, as in games.  I hope the LC team will be able to resolve the Quicktime issues. 
> Until then, the bottom line, at least for me, is to use Mac LC 5.5.3, which does not run into the QTVR issues, or the inability to create a
> referenced path in its Quicktime movie player.
> Stephen Goldberg, President
> Medmaster Inc
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