compress & decompress

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Thu Mar 26 21:31:19 EDT 2015

In my attempts to provide backups of databases, I have a sequence that
gathers the commands and executes

  open file outfile for binary write
   write compress(theData )to file outfile

Another routine has

   put url infile into theData
      case infile ends with ".gz"
         put decompress(theData) into theData
   end switch

I get
stack "mcp": execution error at line 11923 (decompress: error during
decompression), char 1

On the attempt to decompress.

If I instead open the file from the OSX finder, it decompresses correctly.

There don't seem to be any options to affect this.
Dr. Richard E. Hawkins, Esq.
(702) 508-8462

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