Suggest a USB device.

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Mar 26 16:26:12 EDT 2015

On 26/03/15 22:14, Phil Davis wrote:
> Hi Richmond,
> If the scanner is an HID device, you won't get very far. You would 
> probably need a driver to communicate with, via "open driver" etc. And 
> even then you would have to have info about the driver's data formats.

Am I being naive? or if one uses "open driver to write" can one then 
write API commands to that driver?

> I tend to see USB as a large black hole. I haven't looked at it since 
> USB 2.0, but at that time the spec was daunting. It seems to have 
> multiplied since then:
> Do you have a flash drive (aka thumb drive)? That's a USB mass storage 
> device. You can read from/write to that. (Of course)
> Just some thoughts off the top of my head -
> Phil Davis
> On 3/26/15 1:04 PM, Richmond wrote:
>> While I am waiting for my turtle to be delivered I am getting pretty
>> cheesed-off as I would like a USB device I could hook up to my various
>> computers running various operating systems . . .
>> Certainly I feel it is pretty pointless working on "open to read" and 
>> "open to write"
>> stuff if I don't have a target USB device to practise with.
>> I have plenty of USB devices, but most of them are what I call 
>> "one-way" devices:
>> that is to say they sent data to the computer, but no data is ever 
>> sent the other way.
>> Anyway, I have just spotted a fairly old USB scanner (well, bought it 
>> about 15-16 years ago)
>> lurking under a desk, and that is a "two-way" device as it has to be 
>> controlled from an interface on
>> the computer . . .
>> However, while I can, quite possibly, do an "open to read", I am 
>> going to find it difficult to "read"
>> anything until I "write" some sort of command to the scanner to scan 
>> something . . .
>> Has anybody tried controlling a scanner from LIvecode?
>> Has anybody any idea of the sort of commands I should be sending a 
>> scanner?
>> Richmond.
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