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Hi Stephen:

As others have mentioned, QuickTime was deprecated by Apple a while back.
See ³Deprecated Frameworks² on this page:

In some simple tests, it looks like QuickTime Player 10 (on Mavericks)
won¹t even open VR movies, but will hand them off to Player 7 if available.

Doing a bit of searching, it seems some people have had success opening VR
movies in VideoLan Player, but apparently without the interactivity (at
least none occurs here).

You¹d probably do well to stop using QTVR and look for an alternative.  I
don¹t know what types of VR movies you have, but there are some tools on
this site that are able to output HTML5 panoramas and object movies (and
possibly import QTVR):


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On 3/24/15, 7:54 AM, "stgoldberg at" <stgoldberg at> wrote:

>Thanks for the suggestion Jacquie.  Unfortunately, the problem with
>relative paths resetting to absolute remains
>even if ³always use absolute file paths for images² is unchecked.  There
>appears to
>be a true problem with movies in the LC 6-7 series on Macintosh. It
>appears impossible to
>set a relative movie path on the Macintosh in the LC 6-7 series, and thus
>in Macintosh builds for Windows, the player movies will not play.
>As mentioned, I could not even get a Quicktime VR to play on the LC 6-7
>series on Macintosh (Windows works well). Can anyone get a Quicktime VR
>movie to play on Macintosh in the LC 6-7 series? Everything worked fine in
>LC 5.5.3 for Macintosh.
>Also, videoClips appears to be broken, as the videoClips property
>will not set the loc of the movie.
>Does anyone have an idea of how high on the priorities list the movie
>problem is?
>I would think that a basic control like the Player ought to be working.
>Stephen Goldberg
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>>Check the preferences
>>setting in the Files and Memory pane. If you have
>>set the preference to
>>²always use absolute file paths for images" it may
>.apply to movies too.
>>Jacqueline Landman Gay
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>>I  confirm bug 14435 reported by Devin Asay regarding the
>>current problem with creating movies on Macintosh using LiveCode
>>versions in the
>>LC6-7 series. This is a significant problem since it appears impossible
>>at this
>>point to create standalones on the Mac that will display player movies on
>>Windows. This is because in the  LC 6-7 versions for Mac (preliminary
>>version 8,
>>too) once a relative path is placed in the Property Inspector filename
>>window of 
>a movie player on Mac it immediately reverts to the absolute >path on
>closing the Inspector.
>I could not assign a relative path by >script either.  This makes it
>>impossible with LC 6-7 versions to create a standalone on a Macintosh for
>>Windows that contains a functioning player movie, since there is no
>>path in the player Property Inspector, and Windows therefore doesn?t
>>the movie.
>>There an additional problem: The later Mac versions of LC
>>apparently will not display a Quicktime VR movie on the Mac. Can anyone
>>a Quicktime VR movie in the Mac LC 6-7 series?
>> I use a lot of movies, and
>>therefore have stayed with Mac LC version 5.5.3, which works
>>Interestingly, these problems do not exist with LiveCode for Windows.
>>The movie player in Windows (Vista) with  LC 7.0 remembers the relative
>>Also in the Windows version there is no difficulty in displaying a
>>Quicktime VR
>And yet another movie problem: Trying to change the loc of a
>movieClip in its Property Inspector does not work (for me) on Mac or
>Windows in
>Mac versions 5.5.3 or later or in Windows 7.0 (the only Windows version I
>tested); the movieClip always appears in the same location on the screen
>regardless of where the loc is set in the movieClip inspector.
>>There is thus
>>a triple  whammy regarding movies, involving Quicktime player movies,
>>VR movies, and videoClips. I hope these problems are corrected soon, as
>>are an important feature of LiveCode, particularly for educators.
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