Limitations on stacks which are not resizable

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Mar 20 12:33:27 EDT 2015

Ray -

 > I'm using Windows 8.1, but basically what I'm doing is this:
 >     1)  Launch Livecode 7.0.2 (rc 2)
 >     2)  Choose New Mainstack under the File menu
 >     3)  Resize it to a smaller rect
 >     4)  Under the Object menu choose Stack Inspector
 >     5)  Choose Size & Position and uncheck Resizable
 > At this point the stack balloons out to a much larger size.

I'm still not seeing it, but I'm using a more recent version.  I could 
download older versions, but historical issues are less interesting than 
current ones.

So the question is:  is this historical or current?

Or more specifically:  do you see this in the current version?

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