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Cogent comments, all.
One of the functions of this community, I believe, is to support and encourage the livecode dev team, and each other. Another equally important function is to provide honest feedback and a kick in the pants when it seems to be needed. I love the direction the team is going. Are they perfect in every aspect? No. Is that normal? Yes. Do the need us to call out problems? Yes. 

For me, the worst thing is to create software that gets used, but get no feedback, good or bad. 

Best wishes to all on the list and to those at Livecode who are working hard to create the best product they can.


William Prothero

> On Mar 17, 2015, at 7:55 AM, TEDennis <tedennis at> wrote:
> Kay C Lan: Well, I'm glad you got that off your chest.  Feel better?
> It seems you have an emotional tie to somebody or something at RunRev.  It
> could simply be that your years of Revolution/LiveCode usage has created a
> strong loyalty.  Whatever ...  It's likely your view is somewhat biased
> towards the positive.
> re: I've never seen so much time and effort put into improving LC than has
> occurred since the success of the Kick Starter campaign. 
> I sure hoped that would be the case, and that's why I donated to the KS
> campaign.  I have been using Rev/LC since 2007.  It has great potential, and
> I want to see that potential realized.  Not just for myself in my own
> post-career software projects, but for newbies just dipping their toes into
> the very complex world of software development.  LC8 *should* prepare the
> way for a more robust ... and STABLE ... product.
> re: Apple wouldn't let such a performance hit get past the design phase
> would they - unless of course you call it Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks or
> Yosemite.
> Your comparison of the relative complexities of LC's application development
> platform and Apple's full blown operating system is almost comical.  But,
> that discussion is beyond the scope of this forum.
> I am, and will continue to be, a supporter of this company and its goals. 
> But, that doesn't mean I have to sit by quietly and let issues that affected
> an entire user community go by with nary a comment.
> And there you have it.
> TED 
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