[OT] Apple Wireless mouse

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sat Mar 14 23:29:42 EDT 2015

On 3/14/2015 10:21 PM, Gerry wrote:
>> You've never had that thing happen where you brush up against the mouse and your very long script goes madly scrolling at top speed off into the ether in a direction you can't pinpoint because it happens so fast, careening completely out of control and losing your place, causing you to forget where you were in the code and you can't find it again for a minute, which makes you so furious that you say things you aren't supposed to say, and then your spouse feels guilty because they think they did something you don't like but they don't know what it was?
> Nope :) Never, not even once.

Maybe if I typed in shorter sentences it wouldn't happen to me either.

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