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> On 3/14/2015 12:02 PM, Dr. Hawkins wrote:
>> Before I blow off another limb, I need to see if I have this straight.
> Advice I received early on is that if your stack will have menus, develop
> for Windows first (even if you're on a Mac.) It's good advice.

But . . . it burns, it BURNS!


Windows/Linux: Requires a menu group on each card that uses menus. Create a
> background group and place it on all relevant cards. You do need to set the
> menubar of the stack to that group if you want Windows keyboard shortcuts
> to work.

OK, so the dictionary *is* wrong about menubar being only on mac?

> Revising menus: It's much easier on Mac-only apps because you

> can set a menu group in another stack to be the system menu and it can be
> shared all across all stacks, so you only need to update one group. But you
> can't do that on Windows, so you do need to update all copies of the group.
> Yes it's a pain, but you can automate it somewhat with a script. The
> example you gave should work.

I already have code that watches for a version change (from the filename),
and does similar housekeeping for other matters, so this won't hurt too

thanks again

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