Spider Web chart?

Michael Doub mikedoub at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 09:26:41 EDT 2015


What are the implications of getting a fractional part of a point? Does 
livecode just ignore the fraction or should the results be truncated or 


On 3/10/15 10:27 PM, David Epstein wrote:
> function yAD x,y,d,a, at xAD
>    -- calculate point x1,y1 that is distance d and angle a from point x,y
>    -- return y1, load x1 into param 5
>    -- a is in degrees, positive is east of north
>    put (90-a)*2*pi/360 into a
>    put x + d*cos(a) into xAD
>    return y + d*sin(a)
> end yAD

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