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William Prothero prothero at earthednet.org
Tue Mar 10 16:01:43 EDT 2015

When Director added new code styles, it used a property called “scriptExecutionStyle” which you could set to maintain some older statements.

One of the problems with just using older versions is that there may be critical unfixed bugs and the dev team wouldn’t want to be required to spend time fixing them. It would be a “buyer beware” situation, which might be ok if explicit.

I only have a single app and am pretty new to Livecode, so my opinion shouldn’t carry a lot of weight re legacy features. That said, one of the things that makes me optimistic about LiveCode’s future is the modernization, bug fixing, and enhancement effort that is being put into it. After a dismal experience with Director and Adobe’s abandonment of a really nice development platform, I’m definitely gun-shy of moldy old software that is not evolving.

I cast my vote for going ahead and, with some notice and time for developers to adjust, make changes that make the engine better, more consistent with established practices, and easier to maintain.


William A. Prothero

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