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On Sun, Mar 8, 2015 at 1:17 PM, Pierre Sahores <sc at>

> 1.- home made : i7 8 logical cores under windows :

Not that promising--remember when intel's virtual cores (or whatever
they're called) came out?  We all got excited about what sounded like a
great idea, but it never met it promise.  The only time it really seems to
beat not using it is when  one virtual core uses the FP, and the other
integer--which is certainly not the case when you're running several of the
same thing.   In almost all (or is it all?) real world cases, a 4 core i7
will do as well as or better with the virtual cores off.

-> 1 core runs an LC controller app in client mode and dispatch tasks to :
> -> 7 cores running an LC functional server accepting sockets connections
> on port xxx

Unless you're CPU intensive, constantly fully loaded (which is a real issue
for some), the OS and processor is going to do a better job at worrying
about how many jobs to run simultaneously than either you or livecode
will.  Just queue 'em up, and let it happen.

My big concern is that *some* level of concurrency exist.  Heck, I'd settle
for ssl or postgres being done correctly :)

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