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Well done Mike !

Two other possible ways in mind :

1.- home made : i7 8 logical cores under windows :
-> 1 core runs an LC controller app in client mode and dispatch tasks to :
-> 7 cores running an LC functional server accepting sockets connections on port xxx

2.- Runrev’s doable : implementation’s of the Scala’s actors model (AKKA, etc…) in LC 8.xx

Pierre ;D

> Le 7 mars 2015 à 21:59, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> a écrit :
> Nicely done, Mike.
> Using Apache for this is a good solution - it's already set up to herd workers in a way with CGI, and it handles the forking so we don't have to.
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> Mike Bonner wrote:
>> The last thing I did this way was more like a seti online type of work
>> load.
>> My web server is on the same machine as my LC in this case, so I had lc
>> create individual data files for the web server to go through, used the
>> load command to tell the web server which file it was, and turned it loose
>> with a "with message.." so that when the web server returned results, a
>> message to handle the results would fire.
>> In this way, the web server handles most of the load, spawns threads and lc
>> server instances (could be php, perl, whatever) and my app continues on its
>> merry way, offloading another chunk.
>> So, yes I used files to make some of it easier, and the web server handed
>> the results back directly on completion.  I could have gone an entirely
>> file based method, where the results were dropped into files by the web
>> server, then re-assembled after completion.
>> Queue order in this specific case didn't matter.  Each chunk was designated
>> a job number, and the results were then shoved back together in the same
>> order.
>> For the example here, race conditions did not apply.
>> All the webserver method does is use apache, rather than spawning worker
>> processes, but the end result is the same, but the threading capability is
>> already set up.  All one must do is write the code to do the actual
>> processing, and return the result.  This is what I would like to see built
>> in to lc.
>> Another thought just occurred to me.  Perhaps it could be made stack
>> based.. go to stack "whatever" as new thread.  (with the option for
>> invisible, etc still available)  that way, all the scripts of a stack could
>> be accessible.  So, if you had a stack that you were using for a progress
>> bar, you could easily modify the behavior of the bar. I think the current
>> answer to this is to spawn a worker process and full blown socket
>> communications.  Instead you could just dispatch "whateverMessage" to stack
>> "mystack" in thread.
>> No clue if there is anything useful here, its not very well thought out
>> yet.
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