Printing in LC 7.0.3

Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Thu Mar 5 14:00:33 EST 2015

> On 5 Mar 2015, at 15:47, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> ..except for this one:

I would submit a bug report for the Text Labels of tabs debacle in the Tab Panel if I thought it would do any good?

I believe the bug report for this was started years ago and replicated on a number of occasions and has still not been resolved.

Richard, while you have got your ambassador hat on perhaps you could advise when it will be sorted out.

Surely, there must be some red faces at LC over this one? There seems a complete disinterest in sorting it.

A brief search through the Bug List shows that it has been reported many times.

You even posted on the Forum that UI issues need to be resolved to present an acceptable face for the product. (my words)

There’s clearly a major problem here.

Why can’t it be sorted?
Is it to hard?
Is it being left to LC8 and widgets?

To have a tab panel where all the text in the tabs is offset to the bottom cannot be acceptable for a standard control and please don’t suggest I script my own solution.

All the best


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