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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 5 10:47:47 EST 2015

Terence Heaford wrote:

 > Will you report it please.
 > Perhaps you will have better luck reporting BUGS than me.
 > I’ve never had a reported bug resolved.

..except for this one:

Yes, it took them a while to reproduce it, requiring the lead engineer 
to work with you to figure out why the issue wasn't initially something 
they could see on their systems, but once they did it was fixed in the 
very next build.

As for the other three you've reported, their status varies:

Bug 12586 - LC 6.6.1 Crashes when creating a chart using field objects =
Hanson's final comment notes the effort they put into reproducing the 
issue, and invited you to re-open the report if you find the issue 

Bug 11308 - Corrupt display when scrolling a data grid in OS X Mavericks
Similar case here, unable to reproduce and without follow-up from you 
they closed the report, inviting you to re-open it if you find the issue 

Bug 14061 - Printing a data grid using print card shows artefacts
This one took some time to reproduce, and ultimately the team found that 
the issue appears to be specific to LiveCode under OS X 10.10, not 
present on other OS X versions.
The report was filed against an old version of LC (6.7.1 RC 2); have you 
had a chance to test this in 6.7.3?

 > Out of interest and not to be to provocative, how are you supposed
 > to migrate to LC 7 as suggested by Richard Gaskin when something as
 > obvious as printing does not work?

Printing is indeed obvious and essential, and for that reason if it 
didn't work for most folks we'd expect to see posts here from them daily 
about it.

Have you considered the possibility that perhaps the reason we're not 
seeing such posts here is because printing is working well for them?

LiveCode is very flexible and provides a wide range of options for 
printing.  It may be some unique combination of options used in your 
scripts that's causing the very specific and evidently-hard-to-reproduce 
issues you've found.

Of course once an issue is identified, if it worked in previous versions 
and doesn't work in the current version is should be reported and fixed.

When reporting, if the team notes that they're unable to reproduce the 
issue and require more info from you to identify the cause, it's helpful 
to provide the requested info so that it becomes possible to fix it.

In this most recent case, I noticed that the source and dest rects are 
the same, so as far as I can tell you can get the same result with this, 
which seems to work well in LC 7.0.3 under OS X 10.7 (haven't tested on 
OS X 10.10 as I need that system to maintain parity with a client for now):

    print card from 0,0 to 300,200 --into tPrintRect

I would be interested to know if that doesn't fix it, and perhaps we can 
work with you to find another solution while we continue to coordinate 
with the team to see this resolved in v7.0.x.

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