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Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Wed Mar 4 15:20:29 EST 2015

On Windows my "recent search items" are a randomly ordered collection of
some of my past searches. The most recent search sometimes never makes it
into the list. If it does make it to the pull down, where it goes is
sometimes random. On Mac my Recent Stacks in the file menu keeps resetting
to blank every now and then. Sometimes twice a day sometimes not for a
month. I've reset the prefs on Mac and no better. Maybe it's time to trash
the prefs on windows. I'm trying to get a recipe together to submit bug
reports for both issues, but I have not seen a pattern yet on the Mac and I
need to trash the Windows prefs and see what happens with the recent search
pull down.

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
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I have a value in the "Replace with" menu of the script editor Find/Replace
dialog and I can't get rid of it.  Tried deleting the text in it but it's
still there next time I open the window.

Not a big deal but would like to get rid of it if anyone knows how.
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