Drawing a line in LC7

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Mar 2 11:46:51 EST 2015

Graham Samuel wrote:

 > On 2 Mar 2015, at 17:18, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Graham Samuel wrote:
 >> > I hit this gotcha too a few months ago, as some ancient HyperCard
 >> > scripts were embedded in something I was adapting.
 >> On what objects did HyperCard apply points?
 > You've confused me now... are you saying it wasn't HyperCard? The
 > objects were all polygons, representing various mathematical curves.
 > Didn't HyperCard allow vector-type polygons? If not, then it's a
 > mystery which I don't think I can really resolve.

SuperCard perhaps?  IIRC it was the only xTalk at the time (until Sybase 
Gain Momentum came out later for Unix, followed by MetaCard and others) 
that provided scriptable vector graphics.

I believe all versions of HyperCard only natively supported bitmaps, and 
only two per card, one at the background level and one on the card.

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