How to Teach Coding

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A nice thing you are doing.

I take a slightly different approach. I put a few controls on the screen, and then move the mouse around, asking what sort of things (events) might be occurring. Nobody gets what I mean at first, until I explain that I am sending messages to the machine when, say, I simply move the cursor (mouseMove).

Most will see that something happens when I click the mouse, and if I say that the machine "knows" where a button is, it also knows when the cursor crosses that threshold (mouseEnter). From there I get several responses, like when the mouse leaves. Nobody ever gets "mouseStillDown">

Anyway, from there I can start to show how if I send a message, I can trap a message, and the rest is easy.

Well, not necessarily easy...

Craig Newman 

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Hi LiveCode Community,

Hope you're well and having a good week so far. We
have a great blog post
from our very own Richmond Mathewson on the blog today.
He tells us about
how he's teaching kids to code this

Check it out and tell
Richmond how great he is!



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