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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jun 29 14:22:00 EDT 2015

Richmond wrote:

 > If I have a card with 1 object situated on it and it is selected
 > and the inspector for it is  open, and I then make a new object
 > on that card the inspector changes to take into account the new
 > object.
 > So . . . why . . .
 > when I have a card inspector open and I either make a new card or
 > move to another card does the inspector NOT show the new card, instead
 > of the stack?

Because in addition to creating the object the IDE also selects it, and 
the selectionChanged message triggers the Inspector update just as it 
does when moving from a card that had been selected.

I wouldn't call the current behavior a bug; after all, for all long as 
it's been around it seems to have tripped up exactly one person. :)

But perhaps a feature request might be useful, so that the IDE would 
select any newly-created card.

There might be side-effects for card selection I'm not anticipating, and 
this request wouldn't affect things when navigating between existing 
cards.  But if you feel strongly about not having to look at the 
Inspector's title bar when something seems inexplicable it may at least 
provide on specific workflow case where that may not be needed.

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