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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jun 29 13:12:24 EDT 2015

Paul Hibbert wrote:

 > If anything, I’d say the ‘Bug’ is, "Unexpected behaviour of the
 > Inspector Palette” as there is no reason AFAICS for the Inspector
 > Palette to change in this way.

It seems very common for inspectors to update for the current selection.

LiveCode does this as well, and while it may be more obvious when the 
selection is a control rather than a card (a card has no selection 
handles or other visual indicator that it's selected), the behavior is 
pretty consistent.

And like some other inspector implementations I've seen, LiveCode's can 
also be locked to a given object, using the icon in the upper-right of 
the Inspector window.

But of course even the lock option won't help here, since locking to a 
specific card isn't what's needed here.

All that's needed is to note the title bar of the Inspector whenever you 
get unexpected results with it.

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