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Mon Jun 29 09:33:46 EDT 2015

Peter W A Wood wrote:

 >> On 29 Jun 2015, at 07:27, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> If they're taking bug reports on that early build it may be
 >> worth reporting.
 > LiveCode are accepting and actioning bug reports on LiveCode 8.0 DP 2
 >> Can you reproduce it in the current version?
 > Yes
 >> If so, how?
 > 1. Open a new main stack
 > 2. Open the card inspector (card 1)
 > 3. Select the background fill
 > 4. Choose a colour (colour 1)
 > 5. Add a new card to the stack (card 2)
 > 6. Set the background fill to a different colour (colour 2)
 > 7. Add a new card to the stack (card 3)
 > 8. Set the background fill to a different colour (colour 3)
 > 9. Go to card 2, the background fill will now be colour 3 instead
 >    of colour 2

This recipe doesn't work for me.

When I try this here there's an extra step required that's not listed:

5a. When creating a new card the Inspector will change its context from
     the old card that's no longer visible to the stack, so I need to
     double-click in the current (new) card to change the Inspector's
     context to that card so I can change that card's color.

This was described in my original reply to this thread:

Where I'd asked about this, Richmond originally answered:

   > Are you sure you were setting that property for the card and not
   > the stack?


But this morning when Alan noted the same thing, Richmond wrote:

    > The only comment I’d say is to be aware that the inspector
    > changes back to the stack inspector after adding a new card,
    > so be careful to open the card inspector each time. No doubt
    > you all did this already…

    Hmm . . .

    I think you've got me there.

This can be verified by running the recipe as shown above and noting 
whether the stack - and not the second (new) card - has the color that 
was intended for that card.

This can also be verified with the adage:

Know the engine
Trust the engine
Use the engine

Whenever there's any doubt about a possible bug which may be in the 
engine or in the IDE, it helps to double-check what the engine's doing 
by writing a simple scripts to do the same thing without using the IDE.

Here a test case might be:

on mouseUp
    set the backgroundColor of cd 1 to blue
    create cd
    set the backgroundColor of cd 2 to red
    create cd
    set the backgroundColor of cd 3 to yellow
end mouseUp

With Richmond's apparent confirmation in reply to Alan, at the moment it 
seems we have no recipe which reproduces this.

If you find one please file a report.

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