FIND command in LC7 does not work as in LC5

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Jun 28 15:42:37 EDT 2015

The change may be a fix for something else, but I think it should work if you use the full reference:

FIND "PPH" in field "CODE" of bg <groupname>

On June 28, 2015 10:55:23 AM CDT, "stgoldberg at" <stgoldberg at> wrote:

>However, in LC 7.0.4, if I issue the same command from the first card,
>the field CODE is not found.  In order to find it I have to modify the
>script to read:
>Go to CD 3 of this stack -- where the group resides containing the
>field CODE
>FIND "PPH" in field "CODE"
>I'm not sure if this issue has been reported, but it's important that
>if someone is changing from LC5 to LC7, there needs to be some
>modification of the script to allow the FIND command to work properly.
>Or perhaps someone has a different solution?

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