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Sun Jun 28 10:55:44 EDT 2015

Richmond wrote:

> So, there I am, merrily making a stack using LiveCode 7.0.5 with 3 cards
> (sophisticated stuff), and I wish to have each of the cards with a
> different backgroundColor.
> Setting the colour of card 1 via the prefs palette was easy, as was
> setting the colour of card 2 via the prefs palette, HOWEVER
> setting the colour of card 3 via the prefs palette resulted in card 2
> ALSO ending up that colour
> (i.e. cards 2 and 3 have the same backgroundColor)
> which is a pain in the b*m.

I'm assuming where you wrote "prefs palette" you meant "Inspector 
palette", yes?

I'm unable to reproduce this.  Whether through the Inspector or via 
script, when I set the backgroundColor of a card no others are affected.

I went further to navigate to different cards and set each to their own 
backgroundColor, leaving one alone as a control for this experiment.  In 
all cases the cards retained the colors I expected.

Are you sure you were setting that property for the card and not the stack?

Remember that by default the Inspector is dynamic, and will change its 
display as the user context changes.  So if you open it for card 
properties but then select an object on the card, it'll change its 
controls for those to set the properties of the selected object.

Similarly, if you open it to edit properties of a given card but then 
navigate to a different card, the Inspector will change to show stack 
properties, since the card you'd opened it for is no longer part of the 
current context.

This dynamic behavior can be overridden with the lock icon in the 
upper-right of the Inspector window if needed, but the default is that 
it's dynamic.   Note that the object it's working on is reflected in the 
Inspector window's title bar, so you can see when this context changes.

If you have a recipe for this please post it here, but at the moment the 
recipe given doesn't reproduce the issue here in either v7.0.6rc3 or 
6.7rc2 (the only two versions I have in my Ubuntu launcher).

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