Changing the width of a stack

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Sun Jun 28 01:59:08 EDT 2015

Yeah, it works ok, and requires no moving of controls, no hiding either.

Heres a script I've tested with.

local sWidth,sToggle
on mouseUp
   if sToggle is empty then put false into sToggle
   put not sToggle into sToggle

   switch sToggle
      case true
         lock screen
         put the width of this stack into sWidth  -- save the width
         put the formattedwidth of group 1 into tWidth -- grab the width of
the controls in the group
         set the width of this stack to the width of me -- set the width
         set the rect of group 1 to the rect of this card -- resize the
group. Size is locked in inspector
         set the hscroll of group 1 to (tWidth / 2) - (the width of me / 2)
 -- set the scroll to position the center button showing

         unlock screen

      case false
         lock screen
         set the width of this stack to sWidth -- set the width back
         set the rect of group 1 to the rect of this card -- set the group
to match the card rect
         unlock screen
   end switch
end mouseUp

If you have a resizable stack, you'd have to figure out how to handle
things, but with a stack that changes size with only code, its pretty
simple and seems to work ok.

I noticed another interesting thing.  When resizing the group, I
accidentally typed "set the rect of group 1 of me to the rect of this card"
in the button script. And rather than giving an object not found error, it
resized the button itself to the rect of the card.

Bug right?  This is in 7.0.5

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