detecting cell movement in a table

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Sat Jun 27 16:03:47 EDT 2015

On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 12:49 PM, Phil Davis <revdev at> wrote:

> That's what I would do.
> I turned on the messageMessages to see what messages are fired when using
> a table object. I

1) How do I do that?
2) How did you even *think* to do that?

The dictionary, user guide, web are devoid of references to messageMessages
and revCel . . .

> got these:
> revCalculateCellLoc
> revCalculateCellRect
> revCalculateCellSpacing
> revCellDelay
> revCreateCellField
> revDeleteCellFields
> revGetCellName
> revGetCellRect
> revMoveCellDirection
> revMoveCellDown
> revMoveCellRight
> revReadCellValue
> revUpdateCellValue

I'm managing to catch this one, and do some updating.   Now I have to
intercept tab, etc.
to do sane navigations . . .   a simple regal was able to change each of
these into a handler with 4 variables, a breakpoint, and a pass . . . but
none seem to fire as I maneuver around it (they *would* reach the group
holding the table, wouldn't they?

This one I have trapped already:

> revWriteCellField

So I am (usually) able to recall.

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