Reordering cards?

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And again there is also the number property (used by old timers like
Jacque and myself) showing the multiple ways of accomplishing the same

"Specifies an object's position within a file, a card's position within a
stack, or a control's layer on a card."

set the number of card "settings" to <number>


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>"and, were there a reference book that was not just a reprint of the
>Dictionary it would be a good thing."
>Have you read the User Guide from cover to cover?
>Page 207
>7.1.2 Referring to objects by number
>A control's number is its layer on the card, from back to front. A
>card's number is its
>position in the stack. A stack's number is the order of its creation in
>the stack file. A main
>stack's number is always zero.
>You can refer to an object using its object type followed by its number.
>For example, to
>refer to the third-from-the-back field on a card, use the phrase field 3:
>set the backgroundColor of field 3 to blue
>To change the number of a card or control, change the Layer box in the
>Size & Position
>pane of the object's property inspector, or use the set command to
>change the object's
>layer property:
>set the layer of field "Backmost" to 1
>Tip: New objects are always created at the top layer. To refer to an
>object you've just
>created, use the ordinal last:
>Tip: create button
>set the name of last button to "My New Button"
>Now.. while "re-ordering" is not explicity addressed...I think anyone
>with "half a brain" (I mostly run on 1/10th of a brain) would figure out
>that "layer" is the key word
>and then in the dictionary we have:
>set the layer of the mouseControl to top -- bring to front
>set the layer of last card button to 10
>set the layer of player "Splash" to (the number of controls)
>Use the layer property to change the tab order of controls, or to change
>the order of cards within a stack.
>so... true... documentation is not perfect (I would love to seem more
>script examples);
>but it's also not absent as you imply
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