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Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Wed Jun 24 01:39:40 EDT 2015

Howdy folks

I’m doing a bit of IDE hacking for a new plugin and I want to override a function in one of the libraries or rather add some lines to it’s results. The only way I can override is via a front script but ideally I would be able to get the result of the function being overridden, amend it and then return my amended result. Something like this:

— my front script
function getList
	put getList() into theList
	put “Hello”&cr before theList
        return theList
end getList

— the IDE library function
function getList
       return “World!"
end getList

So the result would be

However I know I can’t do the above because I’d just end up with recursion in my front script… any ideas?

One thing worth pointing out is using value(getList(), reference to library stack) from within the getList() function results in a recursion error… this seems like a bug in value though...



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