Insertion point problems

David Epstein dfepstein at
Mon Jun 22 17:19:27 EDT 2015

1.  With a word selected in field 1 of the topStack, a menu button in a palette issues a command “Paste”.  The handler for this command includes

set the defaultStack to the topStack
get the selectedChunk
— test whether the chunk is a suitable place to paste, and if so then

This works fine if there is actually a word selected in field 1.  But if there is only an insertion point it does not work; the selectedChunk is reported as empty.  (On mouseDown on the palette menu, a selected word stays selected; but a blinking insertion point disappears).

2.  Results above both in LC 5.5 and LC 7.01.  But I notice another problem in 7.01 (unlike in 5.5):  the insertion point does not blink.  I see it blink just after typing a character, and it blinks once when the stack is activated, but when nothing is happening there is no indication of where the insertion point is.

Do others see this, or have solutions?

David Epstein

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