iOS not liking specialFolderPath("Preferences")

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jun 21 10:24:05 EDT 2015

Dr. Hawkins wrote:
 > On Sat, Jun 20, 2015 at 7:53 PM, John Dixon wrote:
 >> In general you should only create files within the documents,
 >> cache, and temporary folders.
 > But I'm not even to the point of accessing a file when this happens.
 > This his happening by my *asking* where that folder is . . .
 > And this line was not causing a crash back in January.

If it's crashing in the simulator but not on the device it may be a 
problem with the simulator configuration.  If it crashes on both it may 
be a bug in LiveCode.

But I think John's main point was that there is no "Preferences" folder 
on iOS.

See the Dictionary entry for "specialFolderPath" for a list of supported 
constants available for each OS.

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