Revmail problems on Windows 8

David V Glasgow dvglasgow at
Sun Jun 21 09:25:24 EDT 2015

Hello Folks,

I am just doing the final tweaks on an app designed for an NHS Trust to support clinical decision making .  It is exclusively a Win environment.  So far, apart from the usual font faff, the deployment platform hasn’t given me any real headaches.  However, a week before roll out I have learned that a button designed as a last resort call for help doesn’t work.  I had carefully tested all the complex stuff, but hadn’t bothered with this because it was a single line of script:

revMail “Cluster.Buster@*************",,"Cluster Buster - help I'm stuck"

It works fine in the dev environment, and on Mac standalones.  On Windows 8 it does nothing.

Just in case it was an inclusions thing, I switched to automatic inclusions, but this made no difference.  

Is there any possibility it is a security setting on the network?  I can talk to the NHS Trust IT folks next week, but I am a bear of little brain when it comes to Win networks, and I could do with a few sensible pointers if this is a possibility.

I noticed that just about 2 years ago Mark Stuart reported that Revmail didn’t then work on Windows 8.  That couldn’t still be an issue, could it?  

Finally, are there any pointers to a simple alternative approach to Revmail?  (bearing in mind I have no control and very little access to any aspects of the platform or network)


David Glasgow

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