Do new Livecode 8 widgets work on mobile?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jun 20 11:09:55 EDT 2015

Ali Lloyd wrote:

> If you do
>  put true into gRevDevelopment
> in the message box you'll find break points are honoured and you can also
> use the contextual menu to find the function you're looking for.

That breakpoints don't affect the IDE by default makes good sense, and 
the gRevDevelopment global is a useful flag for that.

However, as long as the IDE scripts are available without it never made 
sense to make it cumbersome to navigate those handlers by disabling the 
"Go To Definition" item in the context menu.

Thankfully that was fixed, and I can confirm that as of 6.7.6/7.0.6 we 
no longer need to set gRevDevelopment just to use the "Go To Definition" 


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