[OT] Re: Any way to do simple texture maps?

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 01:02:47 EDT 2015

On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 12:23 PM, BNig <bernd.niggemann at uni-wh.de> wrote:

> the picture on the right looks a bit like what you can do with this
> http://livecodeshare.runrev.com/stack/317/Make-a-Color-Ball
> but I don't really understand what you are after.

I have a 3-D space simulation roughed out, with functional gravity across
multiple spherical objects and a (point) rocket ship that can be oriented
and accelerate/move around, and land/take off. I'm looking for a way to
present planets/moons/asteroids as something more than a simple sphere
(which projects to a circle, convenient!). I've experimented with
gradients, but I got bogged down a bit and since I was hoping for something
more/better, that's where I stopped. But a gradient is the minimal
solution. I'd prefer something that can actually look (somewhat) like earth
while orbiting it.



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