Equilateral Triangles

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Jun 18 10:28:48 EDT 2015

Mike Bonner wrote:

 > I have a feature request.. Add the points property to regular
 > polygons. They don't need to be settable, but then you can
 > easily find the centroid of say.. a triangle

Apparently Mark Wieder was using Jacque's time machine last year, read 
your request this morning, and added that to the v6.7 engine - from the 

    6.7: The effective points and effective relativePoints of a
    graphic return a polygonal representation of the shape even
    for shapes not defined by points. In particular, you can get
    the effective points of rectangle, round-rectangle, oval and
    regular polygon graphics.

Thanks, Mark!  I've been making good use of it myself for spider web 

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