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Thu Jun 18 09:01:05 EDT 2015

Hi Rod,

There's a few things you can try here which should resolve the issue.

When this has happened in the past for me, an adb kill-server and adb 
start-server usually sorts things out.

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On 18/06/2015 13:15, Rod McCall wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am trying to get Livecode to install an app on an Andoird (Moto G) phone.
> While LC sees the the device as a target test device each time it comes to
> try and install the app I receive a "device offline* error. The device has
> been configured for debugging and developing etc so seems to be ok. Please
> can someone let me know if they have a workaround for this problem or if
> there is something I am missing. All Android tools are installed.
> Rod McCall
> Researchers on HCI, Augmented Reality, Games and In-car Systems
> twitter: rodlux
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