She wants a pre-work screw - more wisdom from my SPAM folder

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Tue Jun 16 12:06:32 EDT 2015

Excusez-moi, J'ai un amour de bou.


Well, I have found that LiveCode is the ideal instrument for a "pre-work 
screw" insofar as it has got children
who live in a system of "dark satanic mills", educationally at least, 
filling them up with hard, indigestible and,
arguably, totally useless, facts to break out of a mind-set where they 
learn to passively swallow Convergent
Directed Learning (if we can even call the force-feed education system 
in Bulgaria that) and start working
things out for themselves in Divergent Self-Directed Learning.

Come and share the joy:

To hell with the eternal bugs in LiveCode, to hell with the fact that 
the RunRev team are not really very good
at communication with their end-users (well, face it, they are geeky 
types anyway), and to hell with all the
other grumbles . . . what I have seen over the last week is nothing 
short of miraculous!


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