open stack finds stack in wrong path!?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Mon Jun 15 12:37:23 EDT 2015


LC 6.5.2, OS X 10.9. I have a splash stack and a main stack. The mainStack
is located at the regular place on the same level as the executable within
the app bundle.

Because this software runs directly from CD and there also is a windows
version on the CD, there is a copy of the mainStack on the same level, as
the app bundle in the root of the CD, which is used from the windows exe.

On OS X I open the main stack with: open stack (item 1 to -2 of the
effective filename of this stack & slash & "mainStack.rev"). The splash
stack opens correctly the mainStack in its bundle, only as far there is no
copy of the mainStack on bundle level. But as soon there is a copy of the
mainStack in the bundle directory (for windows use), the OS X program
ignores my given path within the bundle and opens the mainStack from the
bundle level, which I don't want to be used on OS X.

Is there any secret hierarchy for looking for stackfiles and ignoring given
paths? Or am I overseeing something obviously?

Thanks for any hint





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